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Book Review: Treasures of the Kingdom

Treasures of the Kingdom is the second book in the Kingdom Series, written by Author Cho Larson.  The book features a Biblical explanation of the Holy Spirit’s role in the Christian Church as well as the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian believer.
Larson’s teaching is clear.  He uses Scripture with examples to point out the true objective of God’s purpose for us in the Body of Christ to not only live powerfully with the help of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives, but fellowship corporately with the intentional purpose to honor a holy God with the free flowing gifts of the Holy Spirit.
How do we enter into worship that our God so deserves?
What are the steps of true worship?
How do I know how to serve God with the gifts He provides?
How do I break free of all the fleshly trappings that bind me so I can worship freely and serve a Holy God?
What does a healthy church look like when believers follow the Biblical requirements of gathering corporately and allowing the Holy Spi…